Menace FPV Team


Pilot Name: AsboFPV
Name: Aaron Bromfield
Location: Farnborough,Surrey
Radio Gear: Taranis X9D
FPV Gear: Fatshark HD3’s
First Quad: ZMR250 😂
Favourite Quad: mmm tough one…But TSX200
Biggest Crash: South Korea…hit a metal gate tower and obliterated my quad setting the lipo on fire
Funniest/Scariest FPV Moment: In Ibiza when Karl Martin dunked his quad in the sea!! (Rescue attempt was sketchy as at bottom of a cliff)
How did you get into the hobby? Came from a small background of RC Heli’s
When and Why? November 2015 is when i had my 1st FPV experience….Why? Its addictive!!
Other hobbies or pastimes? I Ice skate occasionally…keeps me fit

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 Name: Niklas Jung
Age: 16 Years
Location: Frankfurt, Germany
Radio Gear: FrSky Taranis X9D, XSR Sbus
FPV Gear: Fatshark Dominator HDv2, Unify Pro HV & RunCam
First Quad: Zmr 250 with 2204 Motors and 12a SimonK esc
Favorite Quad: Dquad Obsession
Biggest Crash: Destroyed a 600€ Parking  Sign at the Conrad Underground Airrace
Funniest FPV Moment: Everytime when racemode is on
How did get into the hobby?
Getting into these Hobby one Year ago…..
Before FPV Racing i was a normal Rc Model Flyer, and i really liked it, but i wanted more action….. now im a FPV Racer 😆
Who in the hobby inspires you right now?
BanniUK/BulbufetFPV/Shaun Taylor/McStralle
Other hobbies or pastimes?
FPV Racing isnt a Hobby its a Lifestyle😎

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Phil FPV

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Name: Sam Chaplin
Location: Rockville Maryland USA
Radio Gear: Frsky taranis
FPV Gear: Fatshark dom hd v2
First Quad: blade 350qx v1
Favourite Quad: I know it will be the curveball stretch
Biggest Crash: sank quad in a river power looping a bridge had to swim for it in middle of winder brrr
Funniest FPV Moment: swimming for a sunken quad in the middle of winter lol
How did get into the hobby?
Originally it was for aerial photography around  5 years ago then racing drones started to hit the market (zmr250ect) and that was it i was hooked
Who in the hobby inspires you right now?
There are so many! mainly the community as a whole inspires me the fact that it has come so far in such little time is inspiring but if i had to pick one person i think i would have to say charpu as he is who inspired me from the beginning
Other hobbies or pastimes?
Photography and videography / jdm import drift cars

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