VSWR Return Loss vs Power Transmitted If you want to see how efficient your antenna is or see how much power is being reflected back into your VTX check out this handy chart. Once you have measured the Vswr or Return loss of your antenna at the chosen frequency you […]

VSWR Return Loss vs Power Transmitted

Study of Menace FiziX Airframe. Carbon Fiber Stress and Displacement.   Under Normal Loads For this setup 2kg of force is applied on each corner in the motor position to represent the force of a typical racing motor (e.g. T-motor F80) at full throttle. The bottom plate is tied, as […]

Study of Menace FiziX Airframe.

Phillip Brown aged 34 from Bristol in the UK Phil started out FPV in early 2016,  his dedication to the sport has seen his progression up through the rankings.  In 2017 we saw him tearing up the race tracks to gain an overall UK ranking of 14th. Watch this space […]


Jon Hall from Cumbria in the UK Jon is an experienced acro pilot and the designer behind the Atto range of frames. He flies all sorts and sizes of quads and likes an fpv adventure when he’s not behind a camera or building yet another micro racer. It was one […]

AttoFPV – UK

We have enjoyed DreadFPV epic freestyle and flow videos for quite some time so reached out and invited him onboard. DreadFPV originates from Bath in the UK and when he gets his hands on the sticks, hits record on the gopro we know we are in for a special video […]

Mikey DREAD – UK

Tobi is a 31year old from Saxony Germany and has been flying FPV since late 2015 early 2016 mostly freestyle all the time. Family man Tobi has 2 kids (girls ) and will be bringing his freestyle style to some events this year in Germany. Check out Tobi’s best of […]

Tobi – Germany

We have enjoyed following ‘Hell Yeah’ racing during 2017 achieving a UK ranking of 20th. Matthew Hellier is a 29 year old engineer from Southhampton in the UK, he got into the hobby 2.5years ago, and was hooked on the FPV racing sport ever since winning the first ever race […]

Hell YEAH – UK

Intro Does adding an SMA adaptor 45o 90o or flexi effect the received or transmitted signal.  Whilst the amount of loss in adaptors is perceived by some to be minimal and nothing to concern, others will avoid them to maintain that perfect signal.   The test Here I test some […]

SMA Adaptors – Signal Loss or Not