Menace cobLED and cobDRIVER kit V2

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Get your sunglasses out here come the brightest LED’s for your drone, plane, boat car or any RC model.

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Get your sunglasses out here come the brightest LED’s for your drone, plane, boat car or any RC model.

Perfect to be seen racing, for Freestyle and for creative light painting.

The Menace driver takes care of you,  it converts the power from your model battery to the power requirement for the LEDs and can be configured from 2 to 8 Leds depending on brave / bright you want.

Ergonomic Layout for simple install

Constant current control for improved efficiency.

Run 2, 4, 6 or 8 cobLEDs

Wide input voltage range.

Stack mounting or break away tab for small installs.

Connect to your flight controller for On / Off control via the EN pad connect to 0V for off.

(see the instruction Manual on how to set up for your flight controller)


cobLED Specification

Dimensions:    60mm x 8mm x 1.9mm

Weight: 1.5grams

Colours: Red, Blue & White

cobDRIVER Specification

Dimensions 26mm x 26mm x 5.7mm

Weight: 2.4grams

Voltage: 2-6s.  (see manual)

What is in the Kit

1x Menace cobDRIVER

4x cobLED   ( you choose your colour)

1x Red Cable

1x Black Cable

Extra cobLEDs in sets of 4 and cobDrivers available in the options.


Additional information

Weight 15 g
Dimensions 8.0 × 7.3 × 2.0 cm

cobDriver Kit Red, cobDriver Kit White, cobDriver Kit Blue, cobDriver only, 4x Red cobLED only, 4x Blue cobLED only, 4x White cobLED only

1 review for Menace cobLED and cobDRIVER kit V2

  1. welshlens (verified owner)

    When I first set my eyes on these strips, I was not expecting much however I was proved wrong. These LEDs are not like others, they are super bright… blinding bright and you may need sun glasses while using them so bright you can see them in the daylight lighting up your craft. Each strip is 60 x 8 x 2mm with the LED mounted on a length of aluminium (the strips do get hot to touch but you can still hold them) and two small 2mm screw holes 53mm. There is a choice of 3 colour’s RED, BLUE and WHITE and you can power up to 8 off one cob driver, I found the current was pulling 0.5amp on a 4S using 4 LED cob strips so you may find you need to use 8 on a 6S battery only. You cannot connect the strips direct to a battery as you must use a Cob driver and wiring them is not hard at all (see manual). The Cob driver has a pad en and to switch off the LEDs you just connect this pad using a switch to the ground, Menace also has a fantastic switch 15A Continuous 50A Peak if you are connecting direct to the receiver using a servo output. If you have a flight controller it is simpler again as you can use a UART. So where can you put them, nice thin strips so on a Qaud you can fit them on the arms, on a plane you could fit them to under light the wings and on a wing you can light them up for orientation. So get them sunglasses on and fit these Cob strips to your craft, also there is a fantastic review by Painless 360

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