Menace FiziX Race Frame Kit

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Welcome to the NEW racing frame FIZIX…

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The Menace FiziX has been in testing during the 2018 racing season, lightweight, strong and small form factor brings a winning race frame combination.

Click Here for the Stress and Displacement Study

Available in two offerings the FiziX 5 caters for props up to 5.1″ diameter where as the FiziX 7 caters for props up to 7″ diameter.

True X configuration for rapid and agile racing.


The FiziX also has a carbon fibre camera mount with support bar to keep that all important FPV camera locked dead ahead and securely tucked away.





•   Full 3K Carbon Fiber airframe

•   2mm thick body parts


•   5mm thick arms



•   Designed to take the Micro FPV cams 19mm width.

•   36mm FC / Stack mounting

•   Tough Lightweight Aluminum air frame stand offs

•   Stainless steel fixing screws

•   22xx series mounting holes.

•   Minimum cuts and holes in frame to maintain strength

•   Counter Sunk Screws on bottom plate avoid damage to battery.

fizix_countersink•   Captive insert nuts for ease of build

•   Integrated lipo strap recess.


•   Weight Carbon 5″ Parts 75g ( 90g with all the fixing hardware)

•   Weight Carbon 7″ Parts 84g ( 99g with all the fixing hardware)




3D Parts on Thingiverse

Fizix Antenna THRASHER Mount by Menace.

FiziX Antenna SMA Mount by Menace

FiziX Antenna Mount for axii  by peeejayz

FiziX Micro Cam Pod by peeejayz

FiziX Turtle Fin by Menace

FiziX Gopro Mount 25 degree by Menace

FiziX Gopro Mount 30 degree by Menace

FiziX Gopro Mount 45 degree by Menace




Package Contents:

•   1x FiziX Frame Body Kit

•   4x Fizix Arms ( select your size)

•   1x Set of fixing Hardware and Standoffs

•   2x Camera Mounting Washers


Additional information

Weight 200 g
Dimensions 3 cm
Configuration Option

FiziX 5" Frame Kit, FiziX 6" 7" Frame Kit, FiziX Stretch 5" 6"

4 reviews for Menace FiziX Race Frame Kit

  1. Mikey dread

    Really happy with the way this frame performs, feels very agile and great balance, the durability is also another great feature of this frame, I love the camera protection.

  2. Jon Hall

    I fly both the 5″ and 7″ versions of the Fizix frame and they have been excellent performers for me. The 7″ is crazy light and solid for such a large prop size with a well considered layout ad plenty of room to mount a full long range kit. The 5mm thick arms are sturdy and the carbon quality is top notch. The micro camera mount is the right choice and protection is well thought out. I treat my frames pretty badly and the Fizix has taken everything I can throw at it. Top work MenaceRC!

  3. phil brown

    such a great frame very strong and still pretty light and flys great plus i am about to build my 3rd

  4. welshlens (verified owner)

    Yep Menace do frames, Its taken me a shot time to get round to making a review from when I purchased this frame in December 2018….. Ok not that short then however I wanted to see if I could brake the frame…….. still haven’t!. This is a fantastic small racing frame and as you can tell durable, I have fitted it with long arms to make it into a stretch. The only thing I have done to it is put two pack glue around the sides of the arms just in case they delaminate. This frame has taken a lot of punishment yet still going. I will let you know it I brake it but don’t hold your breath this could take a bit longer.

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