Raptor Antenna 5.8Ghz Omni

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The Raptor antenna is a small compact Omni that delivers a smooth radiation pattern and a high axial ratio with its unique PCB pagoda construction designed by Maarten Baert.


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Raptor Antenna 5.8Ghz Omni

The Raptor antenna is a small compact Omni that delivers a smooth radiation pattern and a high axial ratio with its unique PCB pagoda construction designed by Maarten Baert.


Small 5.8Ghz Aero design with excellent omni directional pattern

Unique PCB construction allows manufacturing within fine tolerances

Gain 1.09db with a radiation efficiency of 92%

Clearer video reception with upto 20% greater signal received than other omni antenna topology with higher gain

High Axial Ratio for reversed polarity rejection, ideal for send and receive as a pair.

Robust injection moulded case for crash protection

Weighs less than 10grams



Centre frequency 5.8 GHz

Frequency Range: 5550 – 6050 MHz

Matching S11 < -20dB, VSWR <1.22

Gain: 1.09dB with efficiency: 92%

Axial Ratio <1.3

Beam width: 360 degrees

Left or Right Hand Circular Polarised ( LHCP or RHCP)

SMA Connector

Height: 85mm

Weight: 9.4grams



Manufactured under License CC BY-SA 4.0 from Maarten Baert


Package Content:

1x Raptor 5.8Ghz Antenna


Please Note:

The Raptor Antenna’s incorporates a stronger SMA to Coax production method which includes a crimp metal collar.

On our first production batch from December 2016 we received feedback from some customers that they were experiencing breakage of the Raptor at the SMA to Coax junction in a crash.

We worked on a stronger fixing method where we have carried out testing to compare the fixing methods of the SMA to coax cable for strength and then passed it to test pilots to further evaluate the new method. The new method proved to be much stronger.

What we have concluded is that any antenna mounted on a top plate will not last and it will only be a finite number of crashes before the inevitable. The recommended mounting method is to mount the antenna out the rear of the drone and fasten the coax to the plate with cable zip ties or similar restraint. Whilst this will help nothing in this hobby is indestructible.

All production from January 2017 onwards has incorporated the stronger method.

Additional information

Weight 14 g
Dimensions 8.5 × 3.0 × 3.0 cm

LHCP Left SMA, RHCP Right SMA, RHCP Right RP-sma

7 reviews for Raptor Antenna 5.8Ghz Omni

  1. Richard Norris

    Excellent antenna, purchased a set at the UK Drone Show. Just as good if not better than TBS Triumph!!!
    Any chance of RP-SMA Version?

    • Greg

      RP-SMA version is available now

  2. Nathan hooper (verified owner)

    Really really happy with the antenna amazing build quality and perfect video to my googles 🙂 will be ordering some more for my other builds

  3. yannick (verified owner)

    hello, I finally tried them and for me they are the best antennas until now i’ve got. Like “Richard Norris” just as good if not better my tbs Triumph, ibcrazy, aomway…

  4. Neil Jones

    These are fantastic antennas, i’ve tested many! Great job MennaceRC.

  5. Ron (verified owner)

    New batch with improved pigtail is very good, got my old antennas that broke after first crash replaced for free. Super aftersales from menaceRC.

  6. George (verified owner)

    PERFECT !!!
    Excellent quality antenna. Very well protected, very well tuned, the pigtail bends easily and stays like that.
    Very difficult to damage it. It is definitely one of the best around ! Shipping from menacerc was very fast as well.

    I wish there was an RP-SMA stuby version as well.

  7. Jeremy ghio (verified owner)

    My bread and butter antennas use them on my goggles and quads best combo is this or stubby on the quad and dual invaders on goggles diversity setup for range and penetration or u can use these on goggles for flying all arount yourself. Top Buy

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